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How to Install a Cobra® Hip Vent GAF Roofing

Cobra ® Hip Vent provides effective ventilation on hip roofs with little or no ridge area. It provides 9 sq. inches per linear foot 19,051 mm 2 /lm of net free ventilating area to. 2011-03-11 · To get the the additional exhaust ventilation I would like to use Air Vent Inc's hip ridge vent which gives 12 square inches of Net Free Area per linear foot, to get the 73 feet of hip ridge vent needed for the remaining exhaust ventilation. My architect says all hip ridge vents will allow water into the attic. However, on a hip roof,there is less of a peak and less area for an ridge vent to exhaust airout of. Then it gets difficult to decide”. In the end he suggested we leave it off as there is a fan, and the left and right side extensions on the house do not have attics and it may look odd without ridge vents.

Boral Roofing has the best hip and ridge products available to prevent wind-driven rain,. Figaroll® Plus - Ridge Vent and Weather Block. Figaroll® Plus from Boral Roofing offers a cost effective universal ridge vent and weather block that is quick and easy to install for any tile roof. Ridge Vents install at the peak to provide continuous exhaust airflow horizontally along the roof. Their low profile makes them nearly invisible from the ground. Use the Home Depot calculator to determine how many linear feet of ridge vent is needed per roof. pdf Hip Ridge® Vent Passes Miami-Dade County’s Wind-Driven Rain Test - Full Report pdf.

2012-07-01 · M hip roof attic, 1200 sq feet, has about 12 feet of ridge; on which I have 10 feet of Shingle Vent II. That's not enough -- the attic hits 135 on sunny days in June Maryland. And my ductwork is in the attic. So I am thinking of installing Hip Ridge Vent say, 8 feet down each of the four 25 feet long hip ridges. The question is whether. For the last few years, we have exclusively purchased our ridge venting material from Profile Vent. With excellent shipping speed, pricing, ease of ordering, and wonderful customer service they have been a great supplier to work with. We are basically starting over and can install any type of attic exhaust system we wish. However, perspective roofers have various opinions on how to properly vent a hip roof with soffit intakes. Here are the three options presented: a powered attic fan and install a ridge vent b ridge vent only and install additional soffit intakes. Increasingly, homes are built with cut-up rooflines. While attractive, they can be an attic ventilation challenge. With very little horizontal ridges, traditional ridge vents may not be an option. Air Vent, the leading manufacturer of residential attic and foundation ventilation products, designed the Hip Ridge Vent to be installed on the. Usually, the hip and ridge shingles match the color blend used in the field of the roof although, in some markets, the hip and ridge shingles might be a contrasting color, which really frames the roof and accentuates the roof outline. While IKO makes hip and ridge cap shingles to match their other shingle colors, there are more options.

Fix ridges and hips the easy and reliable way with dry vent ridges which are simple to install without the need for mortar. Ventilated ridge tiles, or roof ridge vents, come from big brand names like Redland, Forticrete and Marley to match their tile ranges perfectly. Air Vent has designed a ridge vent that gives roofing professionals another option besides power fans for today’s increasingly popular non-traditional ridge lines hip roofs. The low-profile, shingle-over design blends in with the hip of the roof allowing the vent to appear almost invisible from the ground. I understand that venting a hip roof is difficult, because of the short run of ridge at the roof peak. I came across a product that is supposed vent the rafter bays along the diagonal hips. See the links below. Together with intake vents at the soffits, I think it would work.

GAF Cobra® Hip Vent.

Ventilation of hip roofs happens to be something that all roofers must do at some time or other. As a result of the short ridge lines of such roofs, their proper ventilation in a. Rapid Ridge ® Vent A self-contained ridge-vent product on a roll that can be installed with a nail gun. Made with a two-layer composite consisting of a nylon-polyester, nonwoven, non-wicking fabric. Heat-bonded to a compression-resistant open-nylon matting of three-dimensional construction. With roof ventilation systems including ridge vents, hip vents, our very own Roof-2-Wall Vents, the IN-Vent, the purlin vent for metal roofs and the Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent we've got your roof and attic ventilation problems solved. And don't forget about our rain screen siding vents, including the Sturdi-Strip and new Sturdi-Batten.

Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles 101: See the benefits of hip and ridge cap shingles A new roof is more than just shingles. Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles accentuate the natural beauty of your architectural shingle roof and can even add dimension and depth to a 3-Tab shingle roof learn more. 2016-03-31 · Venting a hip roof 03-27-2016, 09:15 AM. We are building a house with a hip roof. 5/12 pitch, 16" vented soffits. Rather. your first jack may only be inches long with the only source of ventilation the soffit unless you can rig some kind of ridge vent on the hip.

Hip Ridge Vent. The low-profile, shingle-over design blends in with the hip of the roof allowing the vent to appear almost invisible from the ground. It provides exhaust along the roof’s hip allowing maximum airflow and uniform air movement throughout the attic space and its uni-directional construction allows for easy installation.2011-09-20 · Hip Ridge Vent Installation Overview 2 minutes 8 seconds. Get a quick understanding of the step-by-step process of installing the Hip Ridge Vent on the diagonal hips of roofs. VIEWER ALERT: Keep an eye out for the non.2014-10-16 · Summary overview for contractors planning to install the Cobra® Hip Vent. The GAF Cobra Hip Vent provides a great looking, easy-to-install solution for effective exhaust ventilation on homes with little or no ridge. The Cobra Hip Vent installation is similar to many of the GAF plastic ridge vents.

Shadow Ridge meets the hip and ridge accessory requirements for the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System® which is comprised of underlayments, shingles, accessory products and ventilation all working together. The Integrity Roof System is designed to provide optimum performance--no matter how bad the weather conditions are. Cobra® Ridge Vents, Cobra® IntakePro™ Rooftop Intake Vent, Cobra® Hip Vent and TruSlate® Ridge Vent - Florida Approval FL6267-R14 Doc Type:.pdf All documents are U.S. English unless otherwise noted. Get Automatic Lifetime Protection On Your Cobra® Hip Vents. See the Cobra® Hip Vent to Ridge Vent Miter Cut Instructions included inside the package. With the top section of the Cobra® Hip Vent properly sized and butted tightly to the ridge vent, fasten in accordance with Step 3. Install a 3” x 12” 76 mm x 305 mm strip of self-adhering leak barrier over all junctions between the hip vent and ridge. The problem is that most of the articles I’ve read here and on BSC andand more assume gable-end roofs when describing proven methods. Traditional ridge vents and the like are barely effective on hip roofs, I’m told. So what is the most effective way to vent a hip roof?

Hip & Ridge Vent for Tile-Shaped Roofs. Get in touch Universal Water Dam Features: When TileVent and the Universal Water Dam are used together they allow for 22 square inches of net free area per lineal foot of ridge or hip. In severe weather regions where high. 2008-06-02 · I used a different Ridge Vent for the Hip Venting detail, since Air Vents, Shingle Vent II is not stated to be used on hips. I used Vent Sure, from Owens Corning, which is a ridgid roll our vent that is warranted for venting hips on roofs. V-300E Enhanced ridge vent is ideal for hip use NOTE: Minimum pitch for hip use is 5/12. V-300E's low profile on the hips allows it to blend in with the roof. V-300E is also available in 11", 8 1/2" and 7" widths and feature the Enhanced Snow Screen™ to prevent fine snow from entering the ridge vent. A variation on this is the hip roof, which has no gable walls. Instead, it has an additional roof plane at each end of the central, horizontal ridge. In addition to the horizontal ridge, a hip roof has sloping ridges or peaks where adjacent roof planes meet.

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